Digital Church Discipleship Overview

Hi, I’m Clarence E. Stowers, Jr., and you're invited to learn more about Launching a Digital Church with a discipleship pathway Overview.

Leading in an Era of Uncertainty: Developing an Effective Leadership Strategy

People need maps, not menus. Drafting an effective strategy will give you the confidence to lead well post COVID-19. 
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Leading in an Era of Uncertainty: How to Lead Your Church Post COVID-19

The main question leaders should be asking is, "what does COVID-19 mean for our church long-term? We'll unpack that and more. Sign up today!

How to Keep Stress From Stressing You Out

Join us for our Midweek Gathering! This new series explores Scripture and its characters who experienced seasons of uncertainty.

Dealing With Stress

Wouldn’t life be great if it was stress-free? 

Let’s admit it, life can be stressful, but we can learn to make it less stressful.
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