Start Strong Overview

There’s nothing particularly spiritual about 100 days. This workbook could’ve focused on your first 99 days or your first 101 days. But 100 days is a remarkably round number.

Presidents have used the figure to set their opening agendas. It’s also just enough time to allow you to make some significant headway into the year.

So what do you do in the first 100 days that’ll transform your year? Here are your top four priorities for the first part of next year:

  • Get away: Spend time with your family.
  • Evaluate: Take a hard look at your last year.
  • Plan: Decide what’s important this year.
  • Do: Make the most of what’s on your calendar for the first 100 days.

You could be standing on the precipice of the most significant year of your life.

Start strong. You’ve got this.
Start Strong Overview
Start Strong Workbook
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