Private Facebook Group

You will receive an invitation to join us in a Private Facebook Group reserved for people creating Side Hustles. There is absolutely no additional cost to join. This group is a fun, and strategic way for us to continue the discussion of Side Hustles.

Bonus 2

Coaching Calls Q & A

Great coaches observe and offer suggestions on how to get better. You will benefit from four live coaching calls. The goal is to answer questions, provide points of clarification, and help get your Side Hustle going. 


Implementation Strategy

People need maps, not menus. In this information age, people are bombarded with information that presents an overwhelming amount of choices - a menu. What people really need are maps - a step-by-step plan to get from Point A to Point B.

Thriving in a Post COVID-19 World: How to Launch a Side Hustle and Remain Relevant in a Changing World

Thriving in an Era of Uncertainty will help you remain relevant, by launching a side hustle in a Post COVID-19 world.

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